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About the case:
Police violated their own policy when they hogtied and killed Marcus Deon Smith on September 8th, 2018. The Medical Examiner called it a Homicide but no officer has been held accountable for this.

Q: What does HOMICIDE mean?
A: Definition of homicide (Mirriam Webster):
1: a person who kills another
2: a killing of one human being by another

Greensboro Police Chief Wayne Scott has shielded the officers involved from prosecution and purposefully deceived the public regarding the details of this case. In fact, he condoned the homicide by saying, after reviewing the body cam tapes, that he saw nothing wrong with the officer’s actions.

Regarding a press release issued by the Police Department, Mayor Nancy Vaughan said “Obviously, that was a lie.” Chief Scott then exercised extremely poor judgement by returning the officers responsible back to patrol.

There is a well-established pattern and practice of police misconduct and violence under Chief Scott’s leadership and it is apparent that nothing will change while he is in office. He is unfit to serve as Chief of Police.

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