Miami Beach Chamber & City National Bank Badass Women of The Year (BWOTY) Awards Application Form
Note: This application form will be used for the judges to deliberate. The form should only be filled out by the applicant(s) or by someone on their behalf. ONE APPLICATION PER PERSON.

The Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce & City National Bank are now accepting nominations for BADASS WOMEN. We are looking for professionals who identify as female and excel in the following areas of business:

* Diversity, Inclusion & Equity- NO LONGER ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS
* Sports- No longer accepting applications.
* Women in Business (business owners and/or professionals that are not in the
aforementioned industries) - NO LONGER ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS

Criteria for each category:

*Place of business is located in Miami-Dade County.

*Accepting nominees at varying stages of their careers.

*Demonstrated leadership and has made an impact in her business

*Shown innovation

*Driving value

*Community involvement

Additional Information:

The Badass Woman of the Year for each category will be announced at a luncheon (Date/Time TBD). Winners will be given $1,000 to donate to a vetted charity/nonprofit benefit that supports women.

City National Bank is the title sponsor of the event and presenting sponsors include Miami Beach Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Center and EisnerAmper.

If you have any questions, please e-mail Danny Diaz at We will respond to questions and confirm receipt of applications as we receive them and may ask for additional information such as videos and images to support your application.
Name of Applicant? *
Applicant's Employer? *
Title of Applicant at Employer? *
What industry is the Applicant in? *
Email of Applicant? *
Phone number of Applicant? *
How many years in the profession? *
In what city in Miami-Dade County is the nominee's business? *
How has the applicant shown leadership and personal impact in her business? *
Examples: Adaptable? Improved day-to-day operations? Influences? Listens? Mentors? Leads by examples? Plans for future? Promotes diversity and inclusion?
How has the applicant been innovative in her business? *
Examples: Takes advantage of technology to do business differently? Innovates and overcomes challenges? Addressed a specific problem or opportunity through innovation and developed a solution to a common or persistent problem? Research or innovation resulted in an incremental change or a major leap forward?
Provide examples of how the applicant has driven value. *
Examples: Helps the business deliver on customer value? Understands/measures economic impact? Applies solid financial constructs to the organization? Demonstrates good financial management? Shows active support for economic initiatives set by the business as a whole?
Tell us about the applicant's community involvement? *
Examples: Active with nonprofit work? Mentor community members or individuals in their business? Hold any board positions, if so, where? etc?
If you're not nominating yourself, please include your contact information (Name, Email, Phone) -- if you are submitting for someone else, we will be contacting the nominee to see if they want to add/edit or submit a new application. *
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