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PLEASE NOTE: The only information that will be publically available is your name, ARF membership status (Annual or Life), and your pre-retirement relationship to the University.

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Periodic and occasional announcements and notices, such as luncheon notices and the Newsletter, are provided to members electronically via the ARF Retired Faculty Listserv ( However, those ARF Members who wish to be notified of luncheons and/or who wish to have printed copies of the ARF Newsletter mailed to their postal addresses may request such delivery by so indicating below.
SKIP this item if email delivery is all that you require. Thanks!
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*Individuals may become Annual Members by annually paying annual membership dues or may become Life Members by one-time payment of life membership dues. Identical membership benefits apply to both Annual Members and Life Members.
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Annual Dues: $25 payable Jan 1-Dec 31 for year commencing July 1. Life Dues: $100 payable once.
Please mail your check for dues.
Make out your check to:
Association of Retired Faculty of NC State University

Include on the Memo line of the check: "Applied online"

Mail to:
Suzy Purrington, ARF Treasurer
2801-303 Glenwood Gardens Lane
Raleigh, NC 27608

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