Pacificon 2021 Tickets
To buy a ticket to the show this year, you must agree to wear a mask wherever the convention requires you to do so, to show proof of vaccination, and abide by all the rules of the convention. Tickets purchasers who do not opt in and agree with our policies, but proceed to buy a ticket anyway will have their ticket purchase refunded.
We just want to create the safest environment possible.
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Legal Name for Badge (must match your legal ID) *
What areas of games will you likely spend most of your time playing. (This will help with our table planning. Even if you play a little everywhere, knowing your top focus play areas would be more helpful. Choose up to two.) *
Are you staying at the San Mateo Marriott Hotel *
Do you agree to provide proof of vaccination, wear a mask in all areas of the convention it is required, and follow the rules of the convention. (A Yes answer will send you to ticket purchasing, a No answer will submit the form and not allow ticket purchasing. Note that any tickets purchased without opting in will be refunded.) *
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