Shelburne Farmers' Market 2018 Vendor Registration Form
2018 Vendor Coordinator - Rosie Cornelius E:

FRIDAY, MARCH 16th at 11:59pm.

Vendor registration will be open until Friday, March 16th and vendors will be juried and chosen soon after.

A $15 non-refundable application fee must be included with your application to be considered. The fee can be paid via Email Money Transfer to (For EMT, please use the following Question: What town is Market Located In? | Answer: Shelburne) or through a cheque made out to "Shelburne BIA Farmers Market".


The cheque can be dropped off or mailed to Healthy Cravings Holistic Kitchen (please ask for Rosie/ATTN: Rosie) at 155 Main Street W, Shelburne, Ontario L9V 3K3. Check Healthy Cravings on Google for applicable hours. Failure to provide payment of $15 application fee, before application deadline, will result in application not being reviewed.

Fees for this 20 week season are as follows:
$275 - Single Booth Space with no Electricity
$320 - Single Booth with Electricity
$350 - Double Booth

Upon approval by the end of March 2018, 100% of season payment must be paid by April 13th, 2018.

Vendor Questions Can Be Directed to Rosie (Vendor Coordinator) at

*Please note that on the first day of the season, all vendors will need to sign a Code of Conduct form*

**** COMMUNITY TABLE ***** (Other Booking Option)

Are you unsure if you'd like to participate in the full market year or are looking to gain exposure for your charitable organization or event? For the first time, the Shelburne Farmers' Market is happy to introduce the "Community Table" at each market date. Those who are looking to utilize the Community Table for a one or two time use must book their date by reaching out to Izabela (Community Table Coordinator) at A small $30 donation fee must be paid to secure booking via cheque or email money transfer. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THE COMMUNITY TABLE, THERE IS NO NEED TO FILL OUT THIS VENDOR FORM. This form is intended for full season vendors only.

The Shelburne Farmers’ Market strives to be a producer based farmers’ market that assists in developing a stronger local market for our producers, growers and consumers within the area. The market will stress the importance of supporting local businesses, community organizations and local artisans while providing the consumer with the highest quality products that our region has to offer.

Co-operation, Quality, Community, Sustainability

Market operates Thursdays, 3 pm - 7 pm from May 24 until October 4, 2018 (20 weeks)

Where: First Avenue West & Owen Sound St, Shelburne, ON, Canada (On First Avenue West)

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Cost for booth with electricity is $320.
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The full season is 20 weeks. (there is no HST on vendor rates)
How will you be paying your $15 application fee? *
Those who fail to pay their fee will not have their application considered. Fee is non-refundable.
How will you be paying your season fee? *
Full Season Payment will be required by Friday, April 13th once your vendor application is approved. Those who do not make full payment by this date will not be allowed to set up their booth on Market Days.
Will you not be attending any Thursdays? If so, what dates?
Please note vendors are limited to only 3 missed dates total for the year. Please read the rules and regulations for more information.
Do you have your own liability insurance?
Do you agree to the Shelburne Farmers' Market Insurance Waiver? *
Insurance Waiver for Shelburne Farmers’ Market 2018. The Applicant acknowledges and agrees that Neither the Board of Management of the Shelburne Farmers’ Market 2018, nor its staff will be responsible for any property damage or injury incurred by a person or persons, vehicle, equipment, or otherwise on the site of the Market. The Shelburne Farmers’ Market 2018 will procure Liability Insurance from Farmers’ Market Ontario for all Vendors participating at the Shelburne Farmers’ Market 2018. The Shelburne Farmers’ Market 2018 strongly recommends that Vendors maintain their own liability insurance and provide proof of such insurance with application. The Applicant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the directors, officers, members, representatives, market manager of the Shelburne Farmers’ Market 2018 and the Shelburne BIA from any and all actions, claims, liabilities, assertions of liability which in any manner arise or be alleged to arise from any and all activities connected directly or approximately with the Shelburne Farmers’ Market 2018, whether such action, claim, liability or assertion of liability resulted directly or indirectly from the negligent acts or omissions of said directors, officers, members, representatives, market manager or others connected with the Shelburne Farmers’ Market 2018.
Do you agree with the Shelburne Farmers' Market 2018 Vendor Rules and Regulations? *
1. The Shelburne Farmers Market will operate every Thursday afternoon from May 24 until October 04 2018 from 3pm to 7pm, located at First Avenue West and Owen Sound Street in front of the Trinity United Church, Shelburne, Ontario. 2. The Shelburne Farmers’ Market (SFM) is governed by a Board of Management consisting of a Market Manager, Vendor Coordinator, Other Coordinators, Secretary and Finance Coordinator. On-site vendor management of the SFM is managed by a Vendor Coordinator contracted by the Board of Management for the season. 3. In order for a vendor to participate in the SFM, a completed registration form with all required payments (application fee + season fee) must be submitted to the Vendor Coordinator for submission and approval by the dates outlined above. 4. Vendors are required to produce a minimum of 80% of the products that they provide for sale under each category. A producer may sell additional produce (up to 20%) grown by a relative and/or local farmer upon prior approval by SFM Board of Management. For all produce grown off-site, signage during market hours must indicate name and location of original producer. Vendor Coordinator in conjunction with a Board of Management member, may conduct farm inspections verify that the products listed and approved on Vendor applications and being offered for sale are grown on site as per the Vendor application. 5. Vendor Coordinator, in consultation with Board of Management, may, in his/her discretion, approve or refuse to approve any application for status as a Vendor and shall not be obliged to give, nor shall the applicant be entitled to receive written reasons for the decision and also reserves the right to veto the sale of a given good. 6. It is vendor’s responsibility to comply with all Municipal, Provincial and Federal Regulations regarding labeling, measures, health and safety, food handling etc. for all products offered for sale at the SFM. It is also the vendor’s responsibility to ensure all compliance with Federal and provincial taxes. 7. It is recommended that vendors provide proof of minimum $2 million Liability Insurance to cover damage or loss to the vendors’ personal property and to cover injury and/or damages suffered by a third party. The market does have liability insurance to cover most vendors at the market. Commercial/Retail vendors (vendors who have retail or wholesale outlets in their community such as bakers, butchers, etc.) are not covered by the Shelburne Farmers' Market Insurance Policy and are required to have their own. 8. Vendors found to be reselling produce purchased at the Food Terminal and/or Food Auction will be under review by market management and maybe suspended from the market for the duration of the season and will forfeit all fees paid. 9. Only products listed on the application form and approved by market management will be permitted for sale. Any additional products must be submitted to Vendor Coordinator for approval prior to displaying in booth and an amendment made to the vendor application. Duplicate products may be denied entry into the market. 10. Price cards must be displayed for all products and must include price of the product and product details (i.e. variety, product name, etc.) Signs shall be clearly visible to the buyers. 11. Market management strongly discourages distress pricing. 12. A limited category of products that cannot be produced in Canada will be considered for sale at the market. Such products will only be considered if the vendor has substantial input in their preparation/creation and/or direct fair-trade links to their producer. 13. If a vendor is unable to attend on a Thursday, please contact the Vendor Coordinator 48 hours prior to the Thursday market day so that your location can be filled accordingly allowing an attractive market set-up. Please notify the Vendor Coordinator by email ( or by phone 519-765-0867. Please do not notify via the Market Facebook page, Rosie's personal Facebook page or any of the Committees personal Facebook page. In the event of an emergency (i.e. truck breaking down) please contact the Vendor Coordinator as soon as possible either by email ( or by phone 519-765-0867. Please do not notify via the Market Facebook page, Rosie's personal Facebook page or any of the Committees personal Facebook page. Those that fail to notify the Vendor Coordinator of their absence will be charged the following penalty structure: First Offence-No Charge, Second Offence-$50 charge, Third Offence-$100 charge, Fourth Offence- No longer able to participate in future market dates. Those that fail to pay their penalty will not be allowed to return to future market dates until the penalty is paid. 14. The market area will be available from 1:30pm to 2:45pm for vendor set-up. All vendors are expected to be set up and be ready for business no later than 2:45pm to ensure safety & professional look to the general public. Please notify the Vendor Coordinator immediately if you are unable to meet this deadline so that assistance can be made available for a quick and safe set-up upon arrival. Those that fail to be set-up by 2:45pm will be allowed one grace but moving forward, a penalized fee will be charged to the vendor. This fee must be paid immediately in order for the vendor to attend future market dates. 15. Vendors will agree to bring an adequate supply of their primary product to last the entire market day as no vendors will be permitted to drive out of their space until the market close of 7pm. 16. Vendors are responsible for providing all display materials (tables, chairs, canopies, extension cords, canopy weigh-downs) and all booths should have an attractive and professional appearance. Vendors are encouraged to maintain all promotional and pricing materials within your booth; placement of signage outside of your allocated space will be at the discretion of the Vendor and/or Marketing Coordinator. Vendors agree to maintain their stalls in a neat, clean and orderly fashion. 17. All garbage must be collected at the end of market day and vendors are responsible for taking the refuse with them at the end of the market. No garbage is to be left on site. 18. The Seasonal Vendor Rate is non-refundable once the Market season has started on May 24th, 2018. 19. Smoking in vendor’s booths or on the Shelburne Farmers' Market boundaries is NOT permitted. If a vendor requires a smoking break, please leave the SFM area and smoke offsite.
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