Participant Survey - Migration and Rights Workshop
Please submit this form if you have registered for this workshop or if you are a prospective participant and would like to apply for a reduced rate based on financial need.
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Job Position/Title
Organization (please indicate school/program if you are a student)
How would you evaluate your knowledge of human rights?
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How would you evaluate your knowledge of migration issues?
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What are your goals for this training?
Do you work with migrants (directly or indirectly)? If yes, please explain. If no, please indicate what would you like to achieve work-wise in this area.
Please indicate which of the workshop's learning objectives is of highest importance to you:
Financial Assistance (optional)
Please briefly discuss your financial need/why it would be difficult for you to afford the training. (You may wish to include information such as whether you have outstanding student debt, are currently enrolled in school with a financial aid package, or work in the not-for-profit sector.)
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