2020-2021 School Year Planning - Parent Survey
We appreciate all the support parents gave during the Spring of 2020. We would like to hear more of your feedback so that we can continue to refine our programs, engage students as well as their families. Please answer the following question as you reflect back on your child's school closure experience this past spring.
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For the upcoming school year, how many children will you have enrolled at Vanlue Local School District? *
My child(ren) will be in grade(s).. *
How concerned are you that your child is falling behind because of distance learning this past spring? *
Are any of your children currently receiving special education services? *
As it stands today, how comfortable are you sending your child(ren) back to school in the fall of 2020? *
Which option is preferrred for my student(s) returning in the fall: *
If you chose the option to return to a traditional classroom, will you send your child to school if a face mask is required for transition between classes, or while in common areas of the school? *
If you choose the option of bus transportation, will your child ride the school bus if they are required to wear a face mask? *
During spring of 2020, my child(ren) has adequate access to a device and was able to participate in the remote learning process. *
My child(ren) had adequate access to the Internet/WiFi connectivity in our home. *
How many hours per day did your child spend on remote learning? *
It was easy to understand the assignments and expectation of the teacher, and my child was able to participate in the remote learning with ease. *
What do you feel were the strengths of the remote learning experience? *
What were your biggest concerns during the remote learning experience? *
Additional comments or feedback?
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