Individual Artist Commissions
This form is designed for individual artists, not institutions, specifically reaching out to commission a project—not considered for publishing.

If you're representing an institution (or an institution will profit from my labor), please use the form designed for institutions. If you're submitting a project to be considered for publishing, please use the form designed for publishing.
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Annual Income Amount for Sliding Scale consideration
By sending this submission, I acknowledge that I am requesting labor from an extremely small team of working class people running a small business that began fully operating in January 2023. 

I understand that everything, in some way, is made by hand in this studio. 

Due to the small and limited nature of the FTBTIA studio capacity, I can be patient with their response time, especially when it requires uncompensated labor for them to put together an individualized quote for my project. 

If my needs are contrary to their pace and process, such as: I need them to change their standards of safety and wellness and rush for me, I understand that this is likely the wrong place for me to be sending my request, and it's okay and understandable if they are unable to accommodate my needs.

Given this context of labor expectations and capacity, I believe the request I am making is fair and suitable for FTBTIA and I am excited for a potential exchange of mutual care and support. 
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