What is Being Done?
Use the Domestic Policy Issues website (linked on the course website) and research a particular domestic issue that is facing America right now. Once you have chosen an issue answer the series of questions below.
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Issue Chosen: *
1. What are the conflicts related to the issue? What do the republicans think should be done about the issue? The democrats? *
2. Using the Domestic Policy Issues website find out what the current administration’s view on your selected issue. Summarize it below. *
3. Use the GovTrack Website (linked on the website) to find which bills relating to your issue are in congress right now. List the three most recent bills (if possible) below and their current status. *
4. Analyze the bills being proposed, are they in accordance with the views of the president? To answer this question provide a clear argument as to whether or not it is, your reasoning, and evidence from particular bills and policy issues to support your answer. *
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