Questionnaire for identifying potential users at national level in Finland
This questionnaire aims to create a database of potential users of Copernicus products and services. The form has 12 short questions takes a few minutes to complete.

Copernicus is a European Union Programme aimed at developing European information services based on satellite Earth Observation and in situ (non-space) data ( ).

In the last 30 years, substantial R&D efforts in the field of Earth Observation (EO) have been made globally. At EU level, EO activities are coordinated with the Copernicus programme, which is one of the leading providers of EO data. However, technical barriers currently prevent users from fully exploiting the data and information that Copernicus delivers. The combination of space data with other data sources and technologies open up many business opportunities for the whole EU. Stronger links with the commercial downstream sector would be essential to develop tailor-made applications, reach out to new users, and connect the space sector with other sectors.

The BalticSatApps project financed by the European Regional Development Fund, aiming at speeding up the market uptake of EO satellite data in the Baltic Sea Region by utilising societal challenges and needs along with the developer community as innovation drivers ( ).

The objectives of BalticSatApps project are,

• To increase the capacities of regional Copernicus program intermediaries to reach and educate the existing and potential user groups in Finland, Sweden, Poland, Estonia and Russia,
• To increase the capacities of regional innovation actors to facilitate the open innovation processes and stimulate the demand for EO systems,
• To increase the capacities of STPs (Science Technology Parks) to commercialise Copernicus innovations and contribute to policy and a strategy level environment relevant for the EO industry.

In order to identify potential users in Finland we are conducting a questionnaire. Once we identify the users in Finland we will continue working with our potential user in order to,

• raise their awareness on Copernicus program.
• increase their knowledge and opportunities by enabling access to Copernicus resources such as data, services and products.

There will be a follow up with potential users after we complete analysis of the questionnaire.

Photo: ESA

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