Mask Request Form - Iowa
If your business or organization has the means to purchase masks, please do so we can make sure to direct our volunteer resources to those who can't.

Masks for the Frontlines Iowa is a group of individual volunteers who contribute of their time, their talents, and more often than that, the materials used to construct the Face Masks Requested.

In order to be good advocates for our sewers, we want to request additional information on how you arrived at the number of masks you are requesting and how you plan to use the masks. Our sewists spend hours, many of them daily, making the masks that are requested. It is a labor of love for sure, but we need to recognize that as with anything else, the potential for burnout is a factor.

Please think of our individual sewists when you make your requests and please keep the numbers feasible. Donations are welcomed and much needed to replenish supplies and materials. Please visit

Disclaimer: Our masks are to be used in accordance with CDC guidance.

Our masks are sewn by home sewists with varying skills so we cannot guarantee the standardization of sizes or materials. We ask all our volunteers to use one of two patterns and to use tightly woven 100% cotton material.

There is no charge for our masks.

For more information email or visit
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Have you spoken with the proper people at your organization to make sure you're requesting the right mask and the right number of masks? *
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Delivery Instructions. Our volunteers will either drop off the masks or mail them to you. We practice a drop and go method - they should not come inside. They are instructed to call ahead of making the delivery to let you know they are coming. *
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Zip Code *
How many masks do you need? No more than 300 masks may be requested per order. If you need more than 300, please submit another request after you receive your first batch. Sorry for the inconvenience but it helps make sure we can keep up with the orders. *
How did you decide the number of masks you're requesting? Please provide specifics on where these masks will be used and by whom. *
What type of mask do you want? If you select more than one option, please provide the number of each in the 'anything else we need to know' question. We currently are not taking requests for masks with windows. *
Do you want filter pockets? We do not provide the filters for the masks but we can sew the pocket. This takes our sewists a little extra time so if you don't plan on buying .3 micron filters, please select no pocket. *
Do you want ties or elastic? (Cotton ties hold up well when laundered and make the masks one-size-fits-all. Elastic can be uncomfortable if it isn't sized well and can melt in high heat laundry) *
Anything else we need to know? If you selected multiple patterns or need child-size masks, how many of each? *
Our masks take a lot of time, skill, and money to make. Please only request masks if your school, organization, or small business cannot purchase them. Please tell us what steps you've taken to acquire masks. *
How are you instructing people to wear, launder, and store the masks? *
Who is responsible for the distribution of the masks?
Our volunteer morale is important to us and we recognize that burnout is real. Can you post a picture of our masks in action on our facebook page or email it to once you receive the masks? Thank you notes and pictures are much appreciated! *
Our sewists love to hear about who they're sewing for. We use this description in your order details so our volunteers can learn a little bit about who they're helping. Can you tell us about who the masks are going to or what your organization does? *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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