Student Organization Recognition

Thanks for your interest in starting a new student organization at The New School! Before filling out this form, please take a moment to look over our list of current organizations, ensuring that there is no existing group that fulfills the same mission and/or goals. New student organizations will only be granted recognition status if the proposed mission or functions are unique and do not duplicate those of existing recognized organizations.

The following items are required to recognize a new student organization:

- 10 members (including 5 officers)
- Faculty/Staff Advisor
- Mission Statement and Goals
- Constitution
- Signed Student Leader Agreement
- Attend a Recognition Meeting

    Benefits of Recognition

    1. Use of designated university space for meetings and programs 2. Access to funding 3. New School email account 4. 1200 black & white copies per academic year, including colored paper (as available) 5. Leadership development opportunities 6. Advising 7. Networking opportunities with other students and administrators 8. Opportunity to make a difference within The New School community
    This is a required question