Millennials' New Passages
Are you sick of hearing parents and members of older generations label millennials as "lazy," "entitled," and "having no work ethic?"

I'm Gail Sheehy, reaching out to YOU as authorities on millennial-hood. As the author of "Passages," I hope you’ll be part of my 18th book. Are you bothered by a growing gender imbalance? Empowered women keep gaining momentum; while many young men are losing drive, feeling lost, preferring video games and porn to real life. At the same time, the "bro" culture of technological innovation is virtually closed to women's advancement. Marriage is in disfavor. Young men can't afford it. Young women can't find men who match their non-negotiable lists.
Bachelor mothers are the new norm. Is this any way to build a healthy society?

What unique passages are you inventing to replace the old social constructs? What is - and isn't --working for you?

Your answers can help you, your peers and your parents articulate what's behind the gender divide. How can we continue to advance women's empowerment without ignoring young men's sense of displacement from the hero's role?
Are you optimistic -- or angry- about the impact on your workplace from revelations of widespread predatory sexual behavior? What are the best thing about ways your generation is disrupting the status quo?

Please answer the survey and at least a couple of the essay questions. I guarantee your answers and your email will not be shared. I may be in touch to interview you-- imagine the rare thrill of a real phone conversation! Your permission will be asked before publishing any of your personal information.

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