Zooooom.us Screensaver Participants

My friend @tolar builds really wonderful screensavers. He has a new one that is going to be a fake zoom video chat with amazing participants that will cycle in and out.

We need help. Specifically, we need you to submit a 1 minute video of you acting like you are on an intense video chat and listening intently.  

The video should be about a minute long and should be you listening super intently and dealing with video chat life. Specifically dealing with interruptions, mute issues, etc. all the fun that is our lives now. Generally we want it to be "believable" but also not.  

We will then incorporate your video into this amazing screen saver that will be a fake zoom video chat. Hopefully it will become really popular and we will all become famous.

It will be amazing

If you are interested, fill out this form and either submit a URL of the video or we can figure out a way to record you for a 1 minute.

You could easily use photobooth on OSX to do this. Resolution is important, but not really. If you are on windows, I am sure there is a way to do it. You can also do it on the web using youtube webcam capture.

It should take about 1 minute to do. lol. Or actually about 5 min. 30 sec to read this, 2 min to figure out photobooth. 1 min to do it. the rest of the time trying to figure out where to upload it. We recommend Dropbox, wetransfer, or just upload it to youtube and we can rip it from there.  

By filling out this form you are agreeing to let us put you in the fake video chat screensaver

@harper and @tolar

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