2020 District 5 Convention Survey of Interest
Dear Lodge Presidents and Secretaries,

Idun Lodge looks forward to welcoming delegates and visitors to the 2020 District 5 Sons of Norway Convention in Madison, June 25-27. The West Madison Radisson will be the venue, offering rooms at $109, including breakfast. To help our committee plan activities and classes for the convention, please complete this survey and ask others who are interested in attending the convention to complete it as well. Please complete by September 22.

On behalf of our committee, thank you.

Convention Co-Chairs
Lucy Ghastin, leghastin@gmail.com
Jane Grinde, janegrinde@gmail.com
Whether or not you are elected a delegate to the 2020 convention, does the Madison location motivate you to want to attend? *
If you attend the convention, will you plan to spend time in Madison before or after the convention? *
If you attend the convention, please check what you might be interested in seeing or doing outside of the convention venue. *
If interested in any of the above, what transportation do you prefer (check as many as you like)? *
Thursday evening before dinner, would you pay up to $30 to attend an aquavit reception featuring locally distilled aquavit, cocktails, mocktails, and hors d’oeuvres *
On Friday night of the convention, would you prefer *
Which of the following classes/activities/informational sessions are of interest to you? *
Some classes offered will have a fee for materials and instructor. How much are you willing to pay to attend a class? Enter 0 if you are not willing to pay to attend a class. *
Your answer
If you are a delegate or serving on a committee, would you come to Madison on Wednesday prior to the convention to take an afternoon class or participate in an activity? *
If you answered yes to the previous question, what kind of class or activity would interest you?
Your answer
We plan on having vendors at the convention. Having ample time for attendees to visit them is often a challenge in making the vendors’ time and expense worth it. How long should vendors be open? *
Do you look forward to having the vendors there and shopping? Do you have other suggestions regarding vendors? *
Your answer
Keeping the convention affordable is important. How does your lodge support delegates who attend? *
Does your lodge usually have other members, other than elected delegates, attend? *
What suggestions do you have for the convention planning committee?
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