"Angst" Movie Informational Guide & Survey
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Dear 'Angst' Attendee, Thank you for joining us for this important documentary screening at South Pasadena High School. Please find attached a few handouts and a helpful chart from the producers and panelists. Our focus with this program is to provide support and education regarding the social and emotional well-being of our students and families. Please give us your feedback:
Did the documentary provide new and relevant information for your child's emotional/social/behavioral development and well-being?
Not really
Did the panel speakers help you better understand different points of view and provide new information?
Which days-of-the-week would you prefer to have this type of event in the future? (Please also advise daytime or evening preference):
Which of the following issues would you like for us to address next time (please check up to five):
Please provide any questions/comments you did not have a chance to ask during the Q&A, and we will forward to the panelists for comments:
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Please let us know if you would like additional hand-outs that are available, ie "99 Things To Do"
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