Help us building your PlayMolecule!
Since the PlayMolecule platform release we have been working on developing applications based on molecular dynamics and machine learning. We shared them with the scientific community and would like to improve your experience using PlayMolecule. Please, could you kindly answer the following questions that will help us to understand what we could do better and meet your expectations ?

We ask you for 2 minutes of your time, 24 questions to answer. It looks like... but it is not an exam!

In advance, we thank you for your help.
Following the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679), we inform you that your data will be stored and used by Acellera to identify each answer we receive and potentially contact you about the survey and our platform PlayMolecule..
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The PlayMolecule Drug Discovery pipeline applications
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matching experimental data
How disappointed would you be if PlayMolecule no longer exist tomorrow ? *
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Any final suggestion to improve PlayMolecule ?
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