Yoga Parkside Foundation Mat & Block Grants
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If you are applying on behalf of an organization, please provide the name:

If you are applying on behalf of an organization, please provide the website.

Will a certified yoga teacher be teaching the classes where the mats and blocks are used? Please provide details on your plan for who will lead the classes.


Please note that the mats and blocks requested need to be reused by participants of the classes offered by you. The mats are not intended to be given away to individuals.

How many mats and blocks are you requesting?

Please provide a description of your request. Include the purpose of the class along with the location or space that the class will be hosted. How does this class benefit the community?
This grant aligns with YPF's mission of fostering inclusivity and accessibility to wellness offerings by way of welcoming spaces for all, especially those from historically underserved populations. Please describe how the project will benefit underserved or disadvantaged populations?
How will you store and care for the mats and blocks?
How does your project make yoga accessible to individuals who might not otherwise have the opportunity or means to practice yoga? 
YPF's mission is to support diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility to yoga. Feel free to share gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age and/or any disabilities. If you do not wish to disclose this information, this will not impact your application.
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