Foundations of Family Leadership: II
This course is a follow on to the core class, Foundations of Family Leadership I.
Foundations II will be offered in April 2021.
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In our core class, Foundations I, we explored many topics.
Rate your comfort with a few of the concepts in our class on a scale of 1-5,
1 meaning: "Not completely clear" and/or "Need more support to implement"
5 meaning: "I've got this and am living it"
Living the enjoyable art of encouragement
Need more support
I've got this and am living it
Clear selection
Understanding and building the 4 Crucial C's: Connect, Capable, Count, Courage and using them as a scaffold to help my child build an internal compass for positive, useful behavior
Not clear about the 4 C's
Clear and living it
Clear selection
Allowing Consequences: both natural consequences and logical consequences with the 6R's: respectful, related, reasonable, responsible, repair or resolve, revealed-in-advance
Consequences still seem like punishments
Consequences is one of many parenting strategies I utilize
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Cracking the Code on Misbehavior - understanding what my child really needs and is trying to achieve through misbehavior
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Fresh ideas and strategies to train my child on life skills and provide chores and other empowering tools for life
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Family Meeting: a tool for building a family that can effectively solve problems together
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