Art Party PROJECT Training Workshops and WORK DAYS 2020
Every year we try and make camp BETTER! In 2020 we are running ART PARTY PROJECT TRAINING WORKSHOPS. We are hoping this will make ART PARTY CAMP smoother and make ART PARTY COUNSELORS more effective and empowered!. At each of these workshop I will teach counselors how to run TEN favorite Art Party Projects. I will show you how to FIND THE MATERIALS, SET UP the activity, DO the activity, COACH CAMPERS to engage with the activity, how to monitor and CARE for the MATERIALS, and how to CLEAN IT UP and PUT IT AWAY.

This will be a FUN day of making ART together. AND THEN when Art Party Camp comes there will be COUNSELORS TRAINED to lead lots of activities! There will still be some activities that we need to "teach on the fly" ----- but the core projects will be handled!

ALL art party staff, including Junior Counselors, will be asked to sign up for AT LEAST ONE of these workshops.

The other place where ART PARTY COUNSELORS can contribute to SMOOTH operations during camp is by LEARNING where to FIND things and how to PUT THINGS AWAY. We are upgrading the color coding and organization for all the camp materials and supplies this winter and that should all be in place for camp this year!

I am asking ALL Art Party COUNSELORS to sign up for 2-4 hours of helping to put this system in place or to help organize and put things away. A WORK DAY schedule is included here. If you want to sign up for MORE than 2-4 hours please do! JUNIOR COUNSELORS are welcome to help with this, but it is not required.

I have realized that the future of Clapping Hands Farm is completely reliant on expanding our VOLUNTEER PROGRAM. So this work day request, in addition to being GREAT TRAINING is also GREAT HELP and part of that expansion of our volunteer program. We have so much amazing help DURING CAMP, but we need some of that amazing help NOW and before camp starts! Having your help getting ready for camp will make a HUGE difference. I want you to know that in asking for MORE volunteer time from our devoted counselors---- I am FULLY AWARE that most of you have already put in significant volunteer time! Counselor's volunteer time is HUGE and so appreciated! Thank you!

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