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Please complete the below form to register events for Gamicon Nickel. If you have any questions in regards to the form or event registration in general please send an email to
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If you are not yet registered you can do so at , if you have any questions in regards to registering or can't remember if you are already registered you can send an email to
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If running a role playing game or in you choose an event name different from the board/card/dice game you are running please list the rules system or game that is being run here.
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Examples of the types of games are given in the parenthesis.
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This is the level of familiarity that you want players to have with the system for your game.
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Select yes if the game itself includes content intended for adult audiences (Cards against Humanity, Joking hazard, etc) or if you will be deliberately including adult content in your game (example would be a role playing game were your story line specifically includes themes or content of an adult nature). If you have any questions about if your game would require this label please email
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Please select all that apply. If you have a specific day and time you would like please list that in "Any other special need" section and we will make every attempt to get your game scheduled then, please understand that it may not be possible though.
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Any Other Special Needs
This includes specific game start times or specific time frames you aren't available, if you would need access to electricity, Type or size of area required or any other request that can't be covered by answering the anything above in the form.
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I Understand and Agree to the Following *
1) This event will begin and end on time as designated by myself and Gamicon. 2) This event will not be moved from it's designated area or occupy more space than allocated without Gamicon staff approval. 3) I will inform Gamicon should I become unable to run my event for any reason.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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