Circular Carbon Catalyst Index - Nomination Survey
The Circular Carbon Network (CCN) is a non-profit initiative of the XPRIZE Foundation that connects the global community of leaders working to transform waste CO2 into a valuable asset for society. Our core mission is to catalyze more investment and commercial activity in this emerging sector to help accelerate its growth and realize its full, economic and climate potential.

Emerging markets need a broad array of supporting organizations with diverse capabilities, expertise, and services to grow and mature. We track the organizations who are the leading enablers of the Circular Carbon Economy

Our goal for this index is to help stakeholders from our ecosystem find ways to engage with key catalyst organizations -- from accelerators, associations, service providers, NGO’s, foundations, and agencies -- who are critical to the growth of the sector. Our thesis is that more connectivity and better data facilitates smarter growth.

The questions in this survey ask about your organization's general approach to supporting the circular carbon economy.

Only members of CCN (corporates, capital providers, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders in the Circular Carbon sector) will have access to the data you provide below. Because of the mutual benefits for you and the sector (and ultimately, the climate) of having more information participants working to advance climate solutions, we strongly encourage you to share as much data about your organization as possible. However, please feel free to skip any questions you would prefer not to answer

We thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
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