Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Stagehanding Form
This form must be completed and returned at least one week prior to your event!

If your event does not meet the requirements below, please email Mike Norris at

- Weekly colloquia will be covered without prior notice (do not submit a form)

- The gentleman of Phi Mu Alpha will provide stagehanding services at no charge
o Phi Mu Alpha does not provide goods (food, drink, tangibles, etc.) of any kind
o Events requiring external goods or services must be covered by the requester or
sponsoring department
o Purchases will not be accommodated by or through Phi Mu Alpha for events,
unless specifically decided upon through the chapter
- Phi Mu Alpha will accommodate reasonable requests including:
o The provision of up to three men for an event
o Events sponsored officially by the music department
o Events that require the movement of chairs, stands, music and pianos
- Phi Mu Alpha will not accommodate requests including the following:
o Events that will require four or more men
o Events that will require services for four or more hours
o Events that require the movement of nonstandard equipment like machinery
and other large equipment that can be strenuous or dangerous
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