Brent Knoll community shop
Brent Knoll's village shop is soon to close, while the Post Office is already suspended. With sufficient local support, Brent Knoll could join 300 other villages that already run successful community shops. You can get extra information by contacting Caroline Chennells (, John Mathews (, or David Sturgess (
How strongly would you support the plan for a Community Shop? *
How often, on average, would you expect to visit it? *
How much might you be willing to spend per week? *
Would you be prepared to give any time as a volunteer in the shop on a regular basis? *
Would you be interested in joining the Steering Group? *
Would you be able to offer professional skills needed to create or run a community business (eg, accountancy, legal etc)? *
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Would you be interested in supporting the shop as a "member" by buying shares? *
Shares would attract social investment tax relief and should be repayable in time. The amount has yet to be set, but is probably in the region of £50 to £100 per share.
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Although we are asking for your details, we are only seeking indications of support at this stage. If we get sufficient indications of support, we can move to the next stage, when far greater detail can be established. We're hoping to post a more detailed explanation of the plan on the village website:
You can also ask for more information from members of the Steering Group: Caroline Chennells (, John Mathews (, or David Sturgess (
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