Judges Request for Assignment 2021 Region 6 T&T Championships
May 1 - 2, 2021 This is an ALL VIRTUAL COMPETITION
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Information and Requirements
We will need all our judges help to fill the panels for multiple stations of each discipline over the weekend. Please sign up to judge!

All Judges must have current USAG Professional or Jr Professional Membership and completed 2021 T210 update to be eligible to judge at Regionals.

The Region pays a premium hourly rate, typically $3 over scale for work at the Regional Championships and this year will pay a bonus of $25 per session.

From your location you will view each of the routines along with the rest of the panel, concurrently, consecutively. You will need a stable hi-speed internet connection to view videos, post scores and participate in a parallel Zoom break out room with the rest of your panel for discussion and chair instructions.

We are planning on organizing the competition into sessions with flights of same Age/Gender/Level athletes and use multiple panels at each event. Session assignments have not been determined and of course depend on registrations. Since the meet is all virtual there are no conflicts with athlete and coach judges needing to be on the floor and unavailable for any particular session. We will prioritize filling earlier sessions first.
Please complete this Form by April 3.
We will need all our active judges to cover the meet. Please respond in a timely manner so our panels can be arranged and announced.
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Current Judge Ratings
Please indicate your current rating in the drop down boxes, choose NR for "No Rating" in a discipline.
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Days Available to Work

This is only an approximate and tentative schedule. Please indicate which sessions you are available to work. Final schedule will be announced and sessions adjusted April 7.
Saturday May 1: Morning Session *
Saturday May 1; Afternoon Session 2 *
Saturday May 1: Evening Session 3 *
Sunday May 2: Morning Session 4 *
Sunday May 2: Afternoon Session 5 *
Sunday May 2: Evening Session 6 *
NOTES NEEDS CONCERNS; Please indicate any special needs and/or any conditions affecting your availability of which you'd like us to be aware in making assignments.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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