2019 Taiwan Open 台灣手足球公開賽
報名請完成以下表單填寫. (一般民眾體驗活動請直接來電洽詢,可現場報名)
Complete this form for registration. For more information, please go to http://www.foosball.tw

有任何問題請聯絡黃先生 0972-693856 或傳送電子郵件到 hightimesports@gmail.com
Any questions? Please contact Jack Huang +886-972693856 or email to hightimesports@gmail.com
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手機號碼為優 Include country code if outside of Taiwan
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國家(地區) / Nationality *
勾選你要報名的比賽項目 / Which event(s) would you like to attend? *
填寫你參加雙打賽事的隊友 / Your partners for all Doubles that you play
如果你尚未找到隊友,請在下方註明,大會可協助配對,報名多項雙打,請詳列出你隊友的名稱與參加的項目。 Please specify your teammate/event if you have register for more than one doubles.
國家團體對抗賽 National Team Competitions
每一個國家可以有兩隊報名,每隊成員至少四人最多六人。(台灣隊由協會統一編隊)Each nation is allowed to register two teams, each team at least 4 players, max to 6 (4+6). Please list your team member below.
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