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For other matters, please contact me via twitter (@jbtenmatay), discord (whimsee#0759) or email (
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Sample entry. Info taken from Jisho. Submissions will be displayed like this. Note: Image/video embed is a button.
Term *
From mundane terms with quirky definitions, succinct yet vague system text and headers, to the most inane wasei-eigo you've had to translate. Anything is fine.
Literal or common translation
Helps to contextualize the term
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This is treated as one entry under the term. Separate similar definitions/alternatives with semicolons (;). If it's distinct enough that it needs a separate explanation (ie. it means differently in A context/genre than B), consider sending another submission for that.  
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I know these can be an ordeal to write so it's not mandatory but highly encouraged. Feel free to express your reasoning. You may write multiple paragraphs. (Note: This field accepts HTML tags.  Use <b>, <i>, <strong>, <em>, <u> for additional emphasis.)
A game, tweet, website, movie, book, etc. If it's a link, it'll be turned into a clickable one.
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Submitting videos and images
Unfortunately, because submissions are kept anonymous, the form can't accept images and videos. Please submit them to Make sure to indicate what term/definition it belongs to.
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This won't be included, but if there's anything that needs to be considered, feel free to put it here.
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