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About The Influencer Network Communications
Established since 2011, The Influencer Network Communications is a boutique 'Cult' Influencer & Media Network that connects brands & companies to a diverse and engaged audience through the power of social influencers & digital spaces.

The Influencer Network Group consists of a network of wholly-owned websites (Media Network) as well as 700+ Influencers, Instagrammers & Bloggers (Blogger Network) who have signed up with us.

​The Media network group registers 1 million views per month while the Blogger network group registers 2.5 million views per month.

We are currently searching for Micro-Influencers to join our expanding affiliate team. If you are new to Influencer Marketing, this is your perfect chance to get started in this industry.


1) Active on Social Networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, etc
2) Age between 16- 40.
3) Possess keen interest in Popular Culture, Digital Trends, Lifestyle Products and Services, Fashion updates, etc
4) Instagram Followers between 1000 to 3000. Facebook Friends to have at least 1000.
5) Willing to post and update Advertising/Marketing related information and news on your platforms
6) Creative, innovative and pleasant looking.

For More Information:
Website: www.Influencersg.com

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