Indigenous Mapping Workshop in Inuvik, Northwest Territories Application Form
This is the application form for the Indigenous Mapping Workshop to be held on October 8 to 10, 2019 in Inuvik, Northwest Territories.

The Indigenous Mapping Workshop has a limited number of seats. Please be as detailed as possible in your application to help with reviewing the applications.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling admissions basis starting on May 15, 2019 until all workshop spots are filled.

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Further information about the workshop:

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Section 1: Tell Us a Little About Yourself
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Will you bring your own laptop to the workshop? *
We strongly recommend using your own laptop (or your organization's), so that everything you create/build is stored there. (A laptop is NOT required, but highly recommended.)
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Section 2: Sharing Your Work in a Presentation
We want the workshop to be a place to highlight the innovations and work being done in the field of cartography by indigenous communities. We hope that you would be interested in sharing the good work you and your community are doing. Please indicate below if you are willing to make a presentation and if so, what your preferred presentation format would be.
Would you be willing to make a presentation about your work? *
If you are willing to make a presentation at the workshop, please indicate which theme your presentation would work most well with.
Presentation Title
If you are willing to make a presentation, what would be the title?
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Format of Presentation
The workshop will have different presentation formats so that we can have many people participate. Please indicate which format you would like to present in.
Section 3: Sharing Your Work in a Publication (Optional)
There may be an opportunity for your project work to be published and shared in a special publication focused on the leading edge of indigenous mapping practices. If you would be interested in having your project considered for inclusion in a publication, please answer the following questions.

Keep answers 200 words or less

What is the project?
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What were you trying to solve with your project?
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What were some of the challenges?
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What were some of the successes?
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What were some of the failures?
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What would you do differently?
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Did you solve the problem?
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Section 4: Technology Experience
As the workshop will be focused on hands-on learning and skill building using mapping tools, we would like to know your experience with the following tools.

Keep answers 200 words or less

How much experience do you have with the following mapping tools? *
A lot
A little
Don't know
NWT Geomatics Portal
Inuvialuit Settlement Region Online Platform
Google Earth
Google My Maps
Open Data Kit
Google Earth Engine
Google Tour Builder
Google Fusion Tables
Google Geo APIs
ArcGIS Desktop
ArcGIS Pro
ArcGIS Online
ArcGIS Online Configurable Apps
ArcGIS Online Story Maps
Collector for ArcGIS
Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS
ArcGIS Earth
Survey 123 for ArcGIS
Please describe how you have used the above tools and what you have created, if anything.
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Please provide URLs for websites or maps you've developed, if applicable.
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Section 5: Workshop Goals
Below we will ask you to prioritize your goals for the workshop so that we can adapt the curriculum to your needs. Please keep your written answers to 200 words or less
What do you want to learn at this workshop? *
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How you would use what you learn in your work? *
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What is your top priority for what you want to learn at the workshop?
Please rank your priorities for learning.
First Priority
Mapping tools to support mineral strategy/activities
Mapping challenges, successes and best practices from other Indigenous communities
Mapping tools to support participatory mapping with my community
Mapping tools to support collecting field data
Mapping tools to support storytelling
Mapping tools to observe changes in landscapes over time
Mapping tools to support community planning and/or management
Section 6: Anticipated Impacts of Training
Keep answers 200 words or less
What geographic datasets do you currently work with, or anticipate working with? *
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Please provide three ideas of maps or layers you plan to use (or are currently using) mapping tools to create. *
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What is your biggest challenge that has prevented you from achieving your mapping-related objectives? *
Is there anything you'd like to add?
Questions, comments, and suggestions are appreciated -- thanks!
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