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Gary Edwards · Yankee Mistress of the Old South
Yankee Mistress of the Old South: Plantation Life in the Arkansas Delta, 1847-1866
Join us on June 21 for Dr. Gary Edwards' discussion of Amanda Beardsley Trulock (1811-1891).

Trulock is a rare example of a northern woman, born and raised in Bridgeport, Connecticut, who married a Georgia cotton planter; later migrated to Arkansas; and eventually became a plantation proprietor and sole mistress of 62 slaves near Pine Bluff. Like many slaveowning widows of the Old South, Trulock was a very competent financial manager. But she delegated many other responsibilities, in fact a surprising amount, to an enslaved man, Reuben. And through her relationship with him she reveals a distinctive example of antebellum enslavement, which combined an unusual mixture of white leniency and black autonomy. Trulock also shares some things in common with the tiny handful of New England women who married into slavery at the time. Most informative of these commonalities (or perhaps the most surprising, depending on one’s preconceptions) was her immediate acceptance and selective advocacy of slavery during her twenty-nine years of residency in the South during both war and peace.

A limited number of copies of _Arkansas Women: Their Lives and Times_ Edited by Cherisse Jones-Branch and Gary T. Edwards will be available for purchase. The book includes Dr. Edwards' chapter on Trulock. $35

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