Food and Toiletries Request
Hello! Please fill out this form to request food and toiletries from Secure the Student. Once received, we will be in touch within 48 hours for delivery. To ensure that we are providing you with items that you enjoy/need, please select the items you'd like from the list below. We look forward to assisting you!

*For delivery, individuals must be enrolled undergraduate students at a community college or 4-year institution in the greater Richmond, Virginia area. For other Virginia students, please email so that we may further assist you.*

Apple juice
Beef ramen noodles
Beef and vegetable soup
Chicken (canned)
Chicken ramen noodles
Chicken noodle soup
Cran-grape juice
Fruit cups
Green beans
Graham crackers
Granola bars
Mac & Cheese
Oatmeal – Maple & brown sugar
Pasta sauce – Traditional/Tomato basil garlic
Pasta sauce – Meat flavored
Peanut butter crackers
Spaghetti noodles
Tuna fish
Vanilla pudding

*Fresh fruits and vegetables available upon request

Body soap
Body wash
Feminine pads/tampons/liners
Laundry pods
Name *
Date of birth *
Gender *
Ethnicity *
College email address (please refrain from using personal email address) *
Phone number *
Address for delivery *
School *
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Graduation year *
Are you unhoused or in transitional housing? *
Please check beside your source(s) of income *
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How did you hear about Secure the Student? *
Food/toiletry items needed *
I understand that Secure the Student has the right to deny, partially, or fully grant my request. *
For delivery, I understand that I must be an enrolled, undergraduate student at a community college or 4-year institution in the Greater Richmond, Virginia area. *
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