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Rental Qualification Criteria
Before filling out an application, please review our criteria to make sure you meet the
qualifications listed below. Your application fee will be refunded if we have not done any
processing on your application.

At this time, we do not participate in the Section 8 subsidized housing program.

Completed application, supporting documents, application fee received
1. Completed rental application submitted. Full application and fee paid to (no cash or check to Landlord) within 12 hours of notice.
2. Copies of drivers license/photo ID, and latest pay/income statement attached for all
3. If self-employed, signed copy of last tax return, business license, business references
and last bank statement attached.
4. All information on application is true, accurate, current, verifiable and complete and
checks out correctly.
5. Personal references are provided that are not family members or relatives.
6. You are not applying on behalf of someone else or with the intention of letting someone else move in without our knowledge.

Occupants, pets, vehicles
7. No pets allowed unless a written pet agreement has been signed and a non-refundable pet fee has been paid.
8. No more than 6 occupants total.
9. No more than 2 vehicles allowed. No loud or commercial vehicles. No campers, boats
or trailers allowed.

Good rental history
10. No prior evictions or lease termination by landlord due to your conduct, lease violations, damages or non-payment.
11. No prior history of breaking a lease without landlord’s consent, skipping out, damaging rental property or losing your deposit.
12. Gave proper move-out notice to current landlord and you are not moving while owing money to your landlord.
13. No history of causing trouble with other tenants, neighbors, property managers or landlords.
14. Good rental payment history. Paid on time. If late, paid late fees owed. No history of writing bad checks.
15. Positive recommendation from previous landlord(s) based on your rent payment history, conduct, proper care of property.
16. Referrals by landlords who are family members, relatives or personal friends do not
17. Rental history must be verifiable by written lease and/or rent receipts. Income amount, stability and verification.
18. You have a verifiable gross income at least 2.5 times rent. Cash income not counted
unless fully documented.
19. You have a reliable source of income, not expecting layoff, cutback in income or termination in next 12 months.
20. You have had the same source of income for at least the past 6 months or are willing to pre-pay another month’s rent.
21. Your employer gives you a positive recommendation.
22. If employed by a family member, relative or personal friend, you must provide same
documentation as anyone else.

Credit history and debts (Some past credit problems may be considered, with an
explanation. A co-signer may be required)
23. Must have established a good credit history and record of paying your bills and debts on time.
24. No accounts currently past due unless documented payment arrangements have been made.
25. No excessive monthly debt payments or too many loans, credit cards, payments, etc. causing you to be overextended.
26. No judgements, collections, foreclosures, bankruptcy or repossessions during past 3
27. If marginal, very little or no prior credit history or rental history, willing to also pre-pay
another month’s rent.
28. No history of criminal, violent, disruptive or nuisance behavior or history of bad checks or property damage.
29. Applicant demonstrates a polite, cooperative attitude, neat and clean appearance is on time for appointments.
30. Applicant and all potential occupants show a history and willingness to abide by all
lease terms, rules and conditions.

Ready to move in
31. Applicant has full amount of rent and deposit needed to move in.
32. Applicant is ready and able to sign lease and pay full amount due within 24 hours once approved.
33. All applicants are of legal age, have seen the property, met with the owner and have
signed an application form.

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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