Psycholinguistics and Computational Cognition Lab
Research in the lab investigates how language is understood and how concepts are formed. The lab takes three approaches to this research problem. We conduct basic psycholinguistic and cognitive experiments with human participants. We also explore language and cognitive issues with respect to their neuropsychological underpinnings. Many of our projects utilize the Hyperspace Analogue to Language computer model of memory. This model was developed in our lab. Check out the lab web site for more information on lab research.

Undergraduate students have accomplished a great deal as RAs in the lab. In recent history, Dr. Burgess' undergraduates have won the Departmental Outstanding Undergraduate Student (three times), Outstanding Undergraduate in the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (two times). Two of his students shared the Psi Chi Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award and were selected to represent UCR at the UC-wide Research Day in Sacramento. One of his undergrads won the UCR Rivera Award and another RA won the Outstanding Undergraduate in Neuroscience. This year Dr Burgess mentored 8 undergrads who presented research at the Society for Computers in Psychology conference and the UCR Research Symposium. One undergraduate was a co-author on a paper submitted for publication. There are lots of photos of the students on Dr Burgess' FaceBook page.

Dr. Burgess and the graduate students collaborate with undergrads on a variety of projects in the lab. The lab web site is a good start for acquiring a sense of what the lab is about and you can see the web pages for each of the research assistants.

Complete the application below to see if your interests and background fits with the lab's current needs. You may also want to consult Dr. Burgess' web page on becoming a research assistant:

After completing this form, this information will be sent to the lab and you will hear back soon. Please email Dr. Burgess if you have any other questions. (
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