Weekend With the Masters
*Open to all ranks of martial artists wanting to train, learn, develop friendships and grow!

Location: Boscobel Academy of Martial Arts
Address: 202 Madison St. Boscobel Wisconsin, 53805

Saturday Training Tracks: 9am - 4pm
-One Steps of Tae Kwon Do
-Championship Sparring techniques
-Hap Ki Do
-School growth & Development (Open forum with Instructors)

Saturday: 5pm - 8:30pm
- Black belt Testing & Banquet (Optional) * All participants are welcome to attend testing and banquet. *Those who wish to attend the banquet add $20 to registration. Banquet includes: Meal, Grandmaster Wadley special presentation, mingle with the masters, and black belt rank awards

Sunday: 9am - 1pm
-Weapons (Traditional Korean)
-Private Lessons with GM Wadley available (Contact Master Saint for details)
-Certificate presentation

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