Indie Hell Zone - 2019 Awards!!
Making a proper obligatory "Game of the Year" list is hard when you're just a one-person site with limited experiences. And so, I'm putting the power of my site's awards that barely carry any weight into the hands of you, the people!

This survey will only accept indie games for answers. Putting down stuff like Borderlands 3 or Death Stranding (even though we joke it's an indie game) will just have that vote ignored. Same thing if the game you vote for wasn't made in 2019.

In the previous year, I allowed people to vote in games if they had a significant update or expansion that year. This year it's not allowed. This is totally not to prevent another Lucah: Born of a Dream winning streak.

The game developer question from the 2018 poll has been moved to the sister poll on best indie games of the decade. So, vote away! And consider checking out the sister poll at!

The voting period will last until Christmas Eve, so get those votes in! =
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