SMS Parent Survey 2019
Please help us make Shallotte Middle a better school by providing feedback about your child's current experience at SMS!!
What grade level is your student?
How do you prefer to receive information about school events?
How often does the staff at SMS do the following
Every time there is an event
Invite you to school
Make you aware of important information and news about the school
Offer oppportunities to participate in making decisions about the school.
How often do teachers at SMS do the following
Once or twice a quarter
2-3 times a month
Once a week or more
Let me know what my child is working on in class
Contact me personally to discuss my child's academic achievement
Provide suggestions for how to support my child in school
Listen to my suggestions about how to best support my child.
How much do you agree with the following statements about SMS?
Strongly disagree
Strongly Agree
Teachers respect me
Teachers have my child's best interest in mind
I am comfortable sharing my concerns with teachers at the school
It is easy to contact my student's teacher when I need to.
As a parent I feel welcomed when I enter the school.
How true are the following statements?
Not at all
A little
To a great extent
My child feels safe at this school.
My child is affected by bullying at this school.
This school addresses bullying immediately
The teachers and the principal could do more to make this school a safe place.
A teacher or other staff member lets me know if there is a problem with my child's behavior.
Overall, how likely are you to recommend this school to a parent looking for a school for their child?
Overall how satisfied are you with the education your child is receiving at this school?
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