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Although I am not a wizard to heal you in a second, I do encourage you to believe that everything will be fine. I want you to know that there is a way to bounce back from harsh situations. There are people around the world who survived and challenged the situation because they thought it is possible. It does not mean that everything will be the same as before, but something new is evolving, new opportunities appear, and it brings you closer to your invisible purpose.

If you feel you are ready to take on your journey, please reflect on the below discovery questions. Take your time to think through and describe what is honestly inside you.

Tell me more about the challenging situation you are in right now. *
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If you had a magic wand and three wishes, what personal things would you wish for (for yourself, family, future…..)? *
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If you are 100% courageous & you trust yourself without doubt, what could happen? *
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What would be one thing you wish to change in the world? *
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What support would you need to feel super-empowered & face any challenges the life comes up with? *
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The discovery form support us to prepare for our very first session. If you submit your answers -which I handle absolutely confidential-, I will contact you to discuss the possible date of a session.

I am looking forwad to being there for you!

Anja Serfontein

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