Beauty: Eyelash Curls
Not everyone is blessed with beautiful, long and curly eyelashes. Fortunately, there are a number of ways for people with long or short straight lashes to get beautiful curly eyelashes. Curling eyelashes is very popular, because the result is a nice fresh eye,

To curl your eyelashes there are different ways. The most famous way is probably the curling iron. What not many people know is that in addition to the curling iron, there are even more options to get beautiful curly eyelashes.

The curling iron

The curling iron is the best known way to curl your eyelashes and probably also the oldest way. A curling iron is a kind of forceps that you put on your eyelashes and where you then squeeze a nod in your eyelashes. Try to bring the forceps as close as possible to your upper eyelid for the best result, but be careful not to get a piece of your eyelid between the forceps. If you use eyeshadow, apply this before you start curling your eyelashes. Only apply mascara after using the pliers.

If you use mascara in advance, your lashes can snap. Choose a light mascara, because with a heavy mascara your lashes can hang again. You can buy a curling iron for less than 5 euros at the drugstore.


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Extra Curls
If your lashes are so straight that you can not just curl with a curling iron like the above, you can also use the curling iron in a different way. Instead of making a curl once, you make a curl three times. Once at your eyelid, once halfway through your eyelash and once under the tip of your eyelash.

Another trick you can use is to preheat your curling iron with a hair dryer. Be careful not to make the curling iron too hot.

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The electric curling iron
Apart from the ordinary curling iron, there is also the electric curling iron. This curling iron heats itself. Because of the warm you get a better lasting result. In fact, it is about the same as the ordinary curling iron that you heat with the hair dryer. Only with the electric curling iron can the heat be controlled better. The electric curling iron is also available at the drugstore. There are price differences between different brands, the prices can be between 5 and 25 euros.
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Curling Continuously
Just as we know a perm in the hair, you can also permanently apply a beautiful curl to your eyelashes. This treatment is often also combined with dyeing the eyelashes. After the treatment the result is visible for about 8 weeks. Good to know is that the treatment is not harmful to the lashes, the hair does not break through. The price of permanently curling your eyelashes is around 25 euros.


As you can read above, it is advisable to use a light mascara. A mascara that is recommended to let your eyelashes curl is the waterproof volume mascara of the HEMA. If you do not feel like curling your eyelashes every day or if you do not dare to wear a permanent coat or find it too expensive, then this mascara is a good solution.

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