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We are trying to improve the workflow at Quantum journal, and we'd love to hear from authors about their experience.
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To keep suggestions useful and realistic, take into account that all our editors are full-time researchers who volunteer their work for Quantum.
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Bonus question: have you suffered from burnout in your academic career?
This is unrelated to Quantum, optional and confidential. We will process it independently of all the answers above. We added this question in response to several occurrences of burnout among people involved with Quantum, at all levels (from the executive board to editors, referees and authors), which suggest that this may happen much more commonly than we hear about. If you answer, it will help us get an idea of how prevalent burnout is in the quantum community. With those statistics we could start a conversation with institutions on how to support researchers, and a conversation within the community on how to deal with it. By asking the question in the context of an unrelated survey, we hope to avoid survivor bias, in which only those who have experienced burnout would answer a questionnaire about it.
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