Seeking Teaching Experimenters and Innovators
Are you trying something new in your classroom or on your campus this fall? Perhaps your department is switching to open-educational resources. Or you are flipping your classroom. Maybe you’ve rewritten your syllabus to engage your students in difficult dialogues. Or you work in the teaching-and-learning center and are trying to reduce DFW rates in a large introductory course.

Whatever it is: We at The Chronicle’s Teaching newsletter would like to hear about it. Use this form to tell us about your experiment.

We may write in the newsletter about what you're trying and what you've learned along the way. And we might invite your fellow Teaching readers to offer advice if you hit roadblocks. Thanks for participating.
What are you trying out?
How are you measuring your results?
What do you expect to find?
When do you expect to have results?
Please provide your name, title, institution, and contact information.
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