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Thank you for contacting PEN America’s Artists at Risk Connection (ARC). Please note that ARC does not provide direct assistance, but acts as a critical connector between artists and the organizations who have direct support to help persecuted artists, including emergency funding, legal, and relocation assistance, among many other services.

Given our team’s limited capacity, we are able to assist artists who have been threatened as a direct result of their creative work.

We look forward to reading your inquiry and will be in touch soon if we believe we can offer support.
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Please fill out this form so that we may evaluate your circumstances and determine how we can best assist you. Fill out as many fields as you can.

If there is information you do not have, skip the field. For required fields which do not apply to you, indicate "n/a". Responses to this form are encrypted. Your information will be treated as highly confidential.
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Length of time detained
Place of detention
Forces who arrested/detained you, or who you think were responsible, and why you think this
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Please detail any additional reasons why you have received threats, e.g. gender, orientation, religious or ethnic identity, political affiliations
Current Situation
Describe your situation today. For example, are you able to return to your country of origin? What kinds of travel and/or residency restrictions have been applied to you? If you return to your country of origin will you or members of your family face detention or danger? *
Are you in touch with any other governments or organizations to help you seek refuge? If so, please list them below along with any additional comments. We will be able to work on your case more efficiently if we know which other groups are involved.
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Nationality & Citizenship
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Please list any additional languages you speak along with your level of fluency in each
Please list the names of any dependents, if applicable (in most countries, legal dependents are defined as one’s spouse and children) who would accompany you in relocation. PLEASE NOTE that immigration laws in many countries may prevent you from bringing adults over the age of 21 on a dependent visa.
If you have no dependents, indicate "n/a".
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Include name, date of birth, relationship, and passport expiry date.
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Please provide contact details for at least TWO individual who can speak about your work and/or artistic merit, in addition to your circumstances and threats against you.

Please include name, e-mail and your relationship for REFERENCE 1.

Please include name, e-mail and your relationship for REFERENCE 2.
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