J.M. Walker - Signed Paperbacks
Want a signed paperback but can't make it to a signing? Well this handy dandy form let's you order whatever paperback you would like!

Most of these books listed below are on pre-order but an order will be placed through the printer to have them made once invoices are paid. That process takes 3-4 weeks.

It also usually takes 4-6 weeks for shipping but with COVID, everything is taking much longer, so please remember all of this when placing your order.

*All prices listed below, include shipping
**Please allow extra time for shipping because of COVID

For any questions for concerns, please email jmwalker.author@gmail.com

Please note: ALL orders will come with swag as well!

Invoices will be sent via PayPal and the book(s) will not be mailed until invoice is paid.
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All invoices will be sent via PayPal
King's Harlots Series
Hell's Harlem Series
The Next Generation Series
Torn Series
Parker Reed Series
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