Application for Studio Tisch 2019
Dear Grad Acting Family,

On behalf of the Studio Tisch Administrative team and the Graduate Acting Alumni Association, thank you for applying for to the Studio Tisch 2019 season. We are so excited to see what your creativity and daring will yield!

Please be sure to read the following Studio Tisch Rules of Play/Guidelines in their entirety. We update and re-assess them every year, so even people who have worked with Studio Tisch in previous seasons may find some surprises therein.

Studio Tisch rehearsal and development space will open Tuesday, May 28. Bare Bones performance weekends will open Friday, July 5th and close Monday, July 29th.

Bare Bones projects will have priority of performance in the Shubert and Walker Theaters, with opportunities for performance taking place Friday through Monday evenings. Staged or semi-staged readings in theaters are mainly held on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, but, if and only if space is available, may be held on other days of the week. Readings and presentations in classrooms (particularly the Circus Room or Room 525) can be held at any time.

Bare Bones slots are reserved for projects that have already seen *significant* creative development and are ready to take the next step of adding technical elements (sets, lights, sound). Please do not apply to use Bare Bones space "just to put something up for fun" (we will have to reject those requests). If you are starting a project from scratch and want to present a performance, please consider using the Circus Room or one of the rehearsal rooms, and present a Games-style or First Year Shakespeare Project-style classroom performance. Some of our most successful Studio Tisch projects have performed in classrooms to capacity audiences.

We will be continuing with our community programming initiative throughout June and July, culminating with the Studio Tisch Alumni Cabaret and End-of-Summer Soiree on the evening of Monday, July 29th. If you have an idea for a roundtable, a themed screening night, a class, or workshop that you would like to run, please let us know!

Thank you for your interest in Studio Tisch 2019. We look forward to seeing you on the Fifth Floor!


Your 2019 Studio Tisch Administrators:
Emily Gardner Xu Hall '13 and Olivia Gilliatt '14


Please complete this online application no later than Tuesday, April 16th, 2019.

Participation in the 2019 Studio Tisch Season requires 2 payments for every application! You will not be accepted into the program, nor will your application be considered complete, until we have received both payments. ONLY APPLICATION FEES CAN BE PAID VIA VENMO! Because we need to be able to cancel your deposits (and hopefully we will), those must still be paid by check.

To elaborate, the two payments are:

1) A mandatory application fee -
$25 for readings or development projects that will use classroom space only
$50 for Bare Bones productions or staged/semi-staged readings using either the Walker or the Shubert.

*Application fees may be paid by check, or by Venmo! Checks will not be cashed until May 28th, when access to the spaces open. Venmo transactions should go to the account @Olivia-Gilliatt, and should be annotated as, “ST Application, [title of project].”

2) A refundable check of $25, to be used as a security deposit.
If your project is responsible for damage to the floor, if you fail to fulfill your volunteer box office service, or if you do not observe the Rules of Play, then your security deposit check(s) will be cashed. If your security deposit is to be cashed, the ST administrators will inform you of the reasoning behind their decision.
*ALL SECURITY DEPOSITS MUST BE PAID BY CHECK. All uncashed security deposit checks will be shredded at the end of the season.

Please make checks payable to New York University with “GAAA/Studio Tisch” on the memo line.

All checks must be placed in the GAAA mailbox on the 5th floor, or mailed to the following address, by Tuesday, April 16th:

Olivia Gilliatt
225 Lincoln Pl, #2G
Brooklyn, NY 11217

All accepted applicants will be notified no later than Tuesday, April 30th, 2019. Our annual Kickoff Meeting for accepted applicants will be held on Monday, May 13th, 6:30pm at 721 Broadway.


QUICK FACTS - Application for Studio Tisch 2019

Deadline: Tuesday, April 16th, 2019

Application Fee (by check or Venmo): $25 for readings/development projects using classroom space only
$50 for Bare Bones projects or staged/semi-staged readings in theaters

Refundable Security Deposit (by check only): $25 for all project types

Studio Tisch Rules of Play/Guidelines
Studio Tisch 2019 Season
Guidelines and Responsibilities

Here's the fine print: ALL APPLICANTS MUST READ THE GUIDELINES BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR APPLICATION! If you are only applying for a development project, read only the GENERAL INFORMATION. If you are applying for a BARE BONES project, please read everything.

Studio Tisch is a Space Grant that provides limited support for all projects (just like Freeplay). We provide free rehearsal space, equipment, some technical support and performance space so that alumni of our program have an opportunity to investigate new areas of interest, experiment with new media, and spread their creative wings!

We ask only a few things in return:


* The applying alumna/us (known as the Project Representative) is the sole point of contact for communication with the Studio Tisch Administrators. She/he will be responsible for relaying information to their company. We will only accept correspondence from the Project Rep.

* Ideally, at least 80% of the actors in your project will be alumni of the Graduate Acting Program. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN CASTING ANYONE OUTSIDE OF THE ALUMNI POOL, OR HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT HOW THIS CONSIDERATION IMPACTS YOUR PROJECT, PLEASE CONTACT THE ST ADMINISTRATORS TO DISCUSS IT! The Alumni rule is meant to protect Studio Tisch as an Alumni/educational event. Issues of liability, questions from other alumni, and concerns from NYU have been raised about the advisability of using non-Grad Actors; limiting participation to Grad Actors keeps the program protected.

* You will be required to volunteer as box office support for no fewer than two other performances/presentations. If you fail to perform your box office duties, or perform them poorly, we will cash your security deposit check. We may also enforce consequences ranging from assigning extra box office shifts to barring ST participation the next time you apply.

* If we have more applicants than box office shifts to go around, first-time Studio Tisch Project Reps will be asked to cover the box office shifts.

* In order to sustain Studio Tisch, we ask each box office volunteer to be diligent about collecting donations at their box office table. Donations made to Studio Tisch go towards operating costs for next season. Please know we need the donations to meet the costs of production. We will have appropriate signage and a donation box present at the box office tables to encourage patrons to give generously.

* Project Reps will be responsible for providing a box office/front-of-house person for their own public presentation if one has not been covered by a volunteer.

* Project Reps are responsible for ensuring that the rehearsal and performance facilities are kept clean, orderly, and intact. If your cast doesn't clean up after themselves, then you must do it for them. Leave the space better than you found it.



* If you require designers, you must use current NYU designers or NYU Alumni designers. If you don’t know any designers, the ST Administrators will try to help facilitate.


* Both the Shubert and Walker Theaters are equipped with a repertory lighting and sound plot. The lights absolutely cannot be refocused, the speakers cannot be moved, nor can any equipment be added. The sound board must not be re-patched. If we determine you have have broken this rule, we will cash your security deposit and potentially bar you from future participation in Studio Tisch.

* A Space Supervisor will be assigned to coordinate with you on your project. This supervisor will be your technical liaison and, depending on the scope of your production, will be explaining the use of the lighting and sound equipment. They will familiarize you with the lighting and sound setup, and will coordinate with your lighting designer to troubleshoot any issues with the lighting and sound equipment.

* For those of you with limited technical needs, the lighting console will have several preset lighting looks programmed into the submasters and the sound system will have a patch cable ready for ipod/iphone input.

* Each lighting booth contains a technical information binder where you can find quick answers to most of your technical questions. There are also startup/shutdown sheets posted in each booth that describe each step for turning the lighting and sound equipment on and off. There is no eating or drinking permitted in the booths.

* Flames, smoking, fog machines, and haze machines are prohibited from use on this floor or in any of the theaters at any time. We have a strict fire code to which we must adhere.

* There is no building or painting permitted on the fifth floor.

* Please leave the theaters, booths and dressing rooms tidy after each performance, clean and clear of all furniture, props, trash, etc. Once your production has closed, be sure that you clean up after yourself completely, removing everything that you brought to the fifth floor.


* You will need to provide all of your own props and furniture, though some items might be available on the 5th floor.

* Load-in and load-out of large furniture or set pieces through the freight elevator must be scheduled with Fifth Floor Admin Assistant Giselle Vasquez.

* You may start storing your set pieces in the Walker dressing room and Shubert backstage area the week of your presentation and must strike them immediately after to make space for the next project.

* We do not have access to the design floor's costume vault. You will need to provide your own costumes.


* If your play has been previously produced, you will need to apply and pay for the educational rights to present the piece. You will need to provide proof of permission and proof of payment to the ST Administrators.


* Studio Tisch uses a proprietary reservation system to serve our projects in the theaters. All public performances must use this reservation system. Please include our reservation email address,, on all of your invites and PR.

*Once your performance dates/times have been settled and we have started to take reservations, they cannot be moved or cancelled.

* Any reading/project/presentation will be required to use the official Studio Tisch program, which includes mandatory protective language, logos, and information about the public presentation next on the calendar.

* Completing this application will act as an agreement to these guidelines.

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