2016 Community Survey
Dear Neighbor,

Attached is a community survey seeking your opinions on a variety of topics confronting our neighborhood and the state legislature. I am hoping you will let me know what you think about important issues of the day.

I did a survey like this when I was first elected in 2003. We have accomplished a great deal in that time, including marriage equality, health care reform, and gun safety. But as the landscape of our neighborhood and our state changes, we are challenged to think about how we tackle the new issues we face.

I work hard to inform myself and use my best judgment to improve the quality of life in our community. The opinions of the people I serve is crucial in that process. With your input, we can continue to thrive as a Commonwealth.

Yours in Service,

Jeffrey Sánchez
State Representative
15th Suffolk District

This survey was created using the Google Forms application and information is collected and stored on Google servers. Please see Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for further information. If you wish to complete this survey over the telephone, or to request a paper copy, please call Representative Sanchez’s office at 617-722-2430.

Haga clic aquí para realizar la encuesta en español: http://bit.ly/2fbB0Fd

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