Georgia Farmer Benefits Survey
Information from this survey is confidential. It is being used by a group of MBA students from Emory University to research current "Farmer Benefits" and current major challenges that farmers face. It will be used to create a plan for how to increase better and more affordable benefits for farmers, working with Community Farmers Markets, Georgia Organics, and the Young and Beginning Farmers Alliance. Aggregated (anonymous) data will be available when the study is complete.
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Meaning: What is the total amount of money your farm brings in, before expenses?
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Please estimate your average net income for the farm: *
Meaning: After expenses how much does the farm make?
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How much is your salary or personal income from the farm? *
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Do you have any additional sources of income?
And if so, what portion of your income is from an additional source?
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Does your spouse or another family member have a job outside of the farm that supplies necessary income for you? *
Are you on SNAP? *
If you have employees, please tell us how many and if they are part time or full time
Please also include thier wages
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How many years have you been farming? *
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Do you plan to continue farming as your life long career? *
Do you think you will be farming as a career in 10 years? *
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Do you have health insurance? *
Do you have disability insurance? *
What could you pay for health / disability insurance each month? *
If you have insurance, what do you currently pay? Is it affordable?
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Do you have retirement savings? *
And what type?
Outside of operating costs (such as supplies and labor), what are some of the limiting factors in sustaining or growing your farm business? *
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What areas are the largest professional challenges for you? *
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