Arrow's Wind Paperback Contest
If your here then you have heard of my newest book release. You are also a member of my Elemental romance group which is why I am sponsoring this giveaway. I will be giving away at least three signed paperback copies BUT, for every ten people who enter, I will be giving away one more. So share this link if you like with your friends and give them a chance to enter too.

Now let me tell you how to enter. On November 17th, I will be having a party in Facebook group Gina's Elemental Romance. Fifteen authors will be joining me for the day and each of them will have a welcome post with a codeword. Gather them up and enter below by authors name. That is it!

On November 20th, I will announce the winners in the group and contact you by messenger to gather information so I can send you your prize. 1st Prize will be a signed paperback (Arrow's Wind) with small author prizes and a $5.00 Gift-card within. 2nd and 3rd Prizes are signed paperbacks with a bookmark and pen. Remember for every ten people who enter this contest another signed paper will be included for 4th and 5th prize winners.

I, Gina Manis, is sponsoring this contest and all prizes will be given by me. This contest is for U.S. residents only. If you are outside the US, you still can play and I will offer you an alternative gift of a Free Kindle ebook copy of Arrow's Wind and an additional Amazon E-giftcard of $5.00. Sorry, shipping outside the US is just to costly right now. If you need to contact me for any read, you may do so at my email
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Author, Sadie Jacks
Author, T. Ashley
Author, Bee Murray
Author, Jessica Feyden
Author, Luna Pierce
Author, Mary Dean
Author, Ellen Mint
Author, Jenn D Young
Author, Sofia Aves
Author, Luna James
Author, Letty Frame
Author, Clairissa SinClair
Author, Eva Winners
Author, Kat Turner
Author, Jessica Avary
Author, Gina Manis
Thank you for entering this contest and having an interest in my new release, Arrow's Wind.
I am a new author and can use your help in spreading the word of this new book and the contest you are entering now. Please invite your friends to take a look and enter also. Here is a Facebook link you can share or an Instagram link if you prefer. Share if you like it is not required to enter.
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