Translations: chains of positive energy (c.o.p.e.)
Inspired by her recent art exhibit (, artist Tova Speter has started a new endeavor to encourage us all to find connection, strength, and support through the arts. Think of it as part chain letter, part game of telephone, part community art experience. She's reaching out to everyone, those who identify as artists and those who don't consider themselves artists (yet), to participate in their own modality.

Please sign up below if you are interested in participating. Together we'll create chains of seven linked artistic expressions, as a nod to the seven days in each week that feel so long right now. In the first link, participants will contribute a word/phrase/quote that describes a quality or mindset they have that allows them to move forward through these challenging times. Once Tova receives the words, she will send each one to an artist who has expressed interest in participating. They will then each create their art (could be a poem, a painting, music, a collage, etc) inspired by the word/phrase they receive, and send it back to her. She will then send that new image/song/poem/etc. to another artist who will use a different modality to create work inspired by what they received (without have seen the word(s) identified in the previous link). This will continue through seven links of different modalities with each participant only seeing the work immediately prior to their own. Once all seven links are complete I will post online to share with everyone!

Only requirements are:
1. that you complete your work in a somewhat timely manner (hopefully within a few days of receipt) so that we can keep the chain going.
2. that you please not submit art that contains nudity or anything overtly sexual, religious, or political.
3. that you not publicly post/include any other artists' work without permission.
1. Name *
2. City *
3. Email *
4. Website link (Please share if you have an online presence and want us to include a link to your website and/or social media)
5. Age range *
6. In what modality would you like to participate? *
7. If you noted that you would like to share a word or phrase to start things off please include it here by contributing a word/phrase/quote that describes a quality or mindset you have that allows you to move forward through these challenging times... (Note: you can also participate by sharing a word/phrase as the final link in a chain and, in that case, leave this section blank and you will wait to receive artwork for your response.)
8. Please check to note that you are ok with your art (and your name) being shared online as part of this project or if you would prefer to have your art shared anonymously *
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