Working Landscapes Arts Grant Application
The goal of this project is to artistically celebrate the people and places that comprise Warren County’s living agricultural heritage: the county’s farms and farmers. This subgrant, totaling $3,500, will be used to commission one or more artists to visually depict 12 to 15 Warren County farms. Preference will be given to minority artists. These Warren County Farm Portraits will capture the beauty of Warren County’s farm landscape and the diversity of its agricultural community. The portraits will help to tell the story of individual farms and Warren County agricultural generally, both within and beyond the county’s borders. In the future, they will serve as a reminder of how and where people in this community farmed at this point in time--a valuable historical document.

Artists may propose to complete the work in a medium of their choosing, e.g. photography, painting, textile arts, mixed media. The artist will then arrange with the farmers to visit each farm and complete the portraits—Working Landscapes staff can help to connect the selected artists to farmers/farms, if desired. Once the portraits are completed, a public unveiling event will be held at Main Street Kitchen (108 South Main Street) where the portraits will be displayed in May 2019.

To apply for this subgrant, please complete and submit this application. Please also include links to, or photographs of examples of previous work similar to the work that you are proposing. Applications must be received by Working Landscapes before January 18, 2019.

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