GRC All Grown Up Camp (April 26-28, 2019) Application Form
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Are you in need of any support with childcare during the weekend of camp to be able to participate? If so, please let us know what might help here.
Are you coming from out of town and need a place to stay during camp? Let us know your situation so we can help you with finding accommodation!
Are you interested in carpooling to camp with other participants? *
If yes, which neighbourhood/area do you live in or will you likely be staying in during camp?
If yes, do you give Girls Rock Saskatoon (GRS) permission to share your name/email/phone number with other participants so that carpooling can be arranged during the weekend of camp?
Clear selection
Is the cost of camp a barrier to participating for you? If so, please tell us a bit about your situation and what might help (eg. payment plans, subsidization, cost-sharing with a sponsor, etc.). We cannot guarantee that we can provide financial assistance to all participants, but we will do everything we can to remove barriers to your participation.
We try to keep camp costs as low as possible. For example, everyone involved in organizing and at camp volunteers their time! The cost of putting on camp is $275/participant. If you can afford this, great! If you can afford to pay more than this to help create opportunities for others to participate, great! If you cannot afford $275, that’s cool too. We will do our best to help eliminate the cost barrier for you. How much could you afford to pay? *
What else could help you to participate fully and comfortably in the weekend (e.g. mobility, hearing/vision assistance, cultural or religious accommodation, mental wellness and self care, etc)? *
We value the contributions that campers from equity-seeking groups bring to our organization. We encourage applications from LGBTTQ2+ people, Indigenous peoples, people of colour, low-income earners and un/underemployed, immigrants and refugees, and people with disabilities or another equity-seeking group. If you wish to identify as belonging to an equity-seeking group(s), please feel free to tell us about yourself here.
We believe that both the youth and AGU camps help to welcome new people into Saskatoon’s music community as performers and listeners. We also believe that the greater diversity of participants we are able to include in our camps, the greater chance we have of contributing to a more vibrant and rich music scene in Saskatoon.
Anything else you'd like to tell us? If so, put it here. Now. This is your last chance.
All done! Thank you for applying to take part in AGU 2019! We will be in touch soon - application period closes February 28th.
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