Nordiq Canada Women's Committee Athlete Survey

The Nordiq Canada Women’s Committee wants to better understand the needs and wants of female athletes like you in order to help make your experience in our sport the best it can be. We would love it if you could take a few minutes to complete this short, anonymous survey to give us an idea what we can do to make a difference for you. We repeat this survey every spring to be able to see changes over time, so please answer the questions based on your experiences this past year, 2018-2019.

What club are you affiliated with? *
What province/territory are you affiliated with? *
How old were on on January 1st of this year? *
1. What is the highest level of ski racing you participated in this past season? *
2. Who motivated you MOST to cross country ski race this past season? *
3. What did you enjoy MOST about cross country ski racing and training this year? *
4. What turned you off MOST about cross country ski racing this year? *
please elaborate on your answer to question # 4 in the space below:
5. What could have improved your cross country ski racing and training experience this year? *
6. How often did you think about retiring from ski racing this past year? *
If you did think about retiring, can you tell us why?
7. What is the highest level of competition you currently hope to reach in ski racing? *
8. Right now, what do you think it would take for you to continue ski racing up to the World Cup level?
9. Would you like to come back after your racing career to another role in the cross country family? If yes, in what capacity? *
10. If you decide to work in sport in the future, at what level would you like to work?
11. To what extent do you think it is important to have female coaches and leaders in general? *
not important
extremely important
Can you tell us why?
12. To what extent do you think it is important to have female coaches for female athletes? *
not important
extremely important
13. Gender equality is currently a major focus of many sporting and professional environments. There are many ways we can approach gender equality in XC skiing. Indicate your opinion from the responses below: *
Please add any additional comments about the gender equity issue you would like considered.
14. What can Nordiq Canada do to recruit more female athletes to get involved in coaching and leadership roles?
15. What key issue should the Women's Committee focus on in the coming year?
Thank you for helping us to improve cross country skiing for females in Canada! Any further thoughts or comments would be appreciated. Find/follow us:
Any other comments you have please add:
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